HSP – Highly Sensitive Persons

High Sensitivity

Due to special properties of their nervous system, highly sensitive persons tend to absorb things around them to a much greater extent and more intensively than other people – their emotional world and the way they think are different. They see, hear, smell or feel more intensively than others.
This has some obvious advantages, but it also leads to earlier exhaustion and in some cases, less resilience.
About 20% of all humanity – men and women alike – are highly sensitive.
What is basically a wonderful ability, however, can turn into a problem in an an environment that is dominated by multimedia, hectic and overflowing with stimuli, which can lead to withdrawal and illness for those affected.

Cost reductions in the company’s health management are achieved by early recognition of the uniqueness characteristic, and by developing and supporting highly sensitive employees to focus on areas of work that are ideally suited to their needs.
Highly sensitive employees are more likely than non-highly sensitive employees to have a tendency to over-stimulate, leading to long-term uncontrolled stress reactions, which can result in a cascade of various illnesses… and ultimately in burnout.
When fostering an awareness for this large group of persons in the workforce, overall sick leave rate is noticeably reduced throughout the year. The mental and physical health, motivation and performance of the employee is positively stimulated and maintained in the long term.

High sensitivity stems from the very real physiological cause – a significantly more sensitive nervous system. It possesses considerably more of the relevant neurotransmitters, which results in lower transmission losses. This in turn leads to HSP absorbing more and finer details and thus processing all the impressions that a person is contronted with in much greater detail and depth.
For people with HSP it has many effects and implications, for themselves and their environment, as well as for the culture they live in – in many ancient cultures, the highly sensitive person was particularly appreciated and respected. HSP is increasingly found in healing and caring professions as well as in management positions.

“Am I an HSP?” – you ask!?
We will help you to find out on the basiss of workshops, in conversations and self-awareness tests. We will help you develop the self and external acceptance of your behaviour in daily life. The recognition and acceptance of this special gift, the strengthening of your own resources, the development of new values and goals, instructions for relaxation and ways to find peace, and offer you the chance to find new potential. Make the most of your HSP specialization!

All of our workshops in 2020 are fully booked. Special workshops and lectures are planned for early 2021 – New dates will be published soon! 

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