Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

The Leaders’ Culture Survival Toolkit – Turning employees into organizational changemakers and ambassadors

Depression, burnout, inner resignation, mobbing – Sadly, these are quite common workplace occurrences. According to the latest Gallup Survey, 65% of the workforce is not engaged in their work. It therefore comes as no surprise that employees are reconsidering their attitude and expectations in terms of what an employer has to offer.

This can be attributed to causes such as:

  • Poor development perspectives
  • Dissatisfaction with work
  • Toxic communication styles among employees and superiors
  • Employees regarding their job as a mere task
  • Poor communication of the organization’s overall purpose and direction
  • An overall sense of disconnect
  • Lack of transparency, trust and candor

One of the core tasks of a business leader is to find the best way to build a cohesive team and create optimal and profitable working processes. What many don’t realize however is that there are very few factors that contribute more to business success than culture.

Businesses paying into corporate culture are disrupting industries, they’re faster, more innovative and are doing things that have never been done before. And most importantly: they are the ones who are getting and retaining the employees that you so desperately need.

Today’s market is hyper-competitive, and employees expect a lot more from the companies they work for. Employee expectations are closely tied to their values. When employers deliver on these expectations, they see more loyal and productive employees, which in turn improves business outcomes and propels company growth. And, as is common knowledge, companies with strong cultures have strong business. So, a leader may be very well advised to learn more about their employees’ values and the company’s culture. 

Organizations and their leaders need to rethink how they live and communicate their corporate culture and engage their employees to establish a thriving and successful playing field in which everyone feels engaged and empowered.

We have developed a 12-stage educational framework to help your leaders turn your employees into organizational changemakers and ambassadors, based on the following modules:

  • Purpose & Values
  • Leadership
  • Commitment & Ownership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Feedback & Candor
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Change
  • Goal Achievement & Performance
  • Work-Life Balance & Wellbeing
  • Risk-Taking, Courage & Empowerment

What the Leaders' Culture Survival Tool can do for your company:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased appeal of employer brand
  • A thriving sense of corporate culture & belonging
  • Targeted career development
  • Higher job satisfaction & commitment
  • Enhanced sense of empowerment & independence
  • Higher retention rates
  • A higher sense of wellbeing, purpose & inclusion


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