Presenting in English

How to give killer presentations!

Become the presenter that everyone listens to!

Learn how to give winning presentations in English!

Learn the tips, tricks and methods to shine on stage and win your audience over!

You will learn how to stay relaxed when giving a presentation in English and how to be confident and authentic. You will learn to craft a presentation using proven storytelling methods and successfully deliver your presentation with confidence and ease.

This “Presenting in English” course is highly practice oriented as participants will evaluate existing presentations and create their own as well as group presentations.

  • The structure of a good presentation
  • Presenting ideas, products and results
  • Storytelling – How to craft a compelling story
  • Types of stories
  • Communication and writing skills
  • Rhetoric and public speaking
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Presenting to an intercultural audience
  • Engaging your audience and feeling comfortable

Available as an onsite or online course. For individual participants or teams.

Format: 2-day workshop or 3-month evening/morning course.

This is a course intended for non-native speakers of English (B2 or higher level).

November 2021 – sold out

December 2021 – sold out

We still have dates available in 2022!