Philosophy@Work – Fireside Chats and Food for Thought

People love to think and love to talk about what they think and we’ve got some good news for you. The ability to be creative, communicate well and discuss concepts from various perspectives will be evermore important in our fast-changing digital world.

Understanding and being understood are key – be it at an individual, professional, cultural or social level. Our working world is changing and it’s changing at an enormous pace and given constant developments in technology and artificial intelligence, what will matter even more is creativity, diversity, social skills and the ability to transfer knowledge to form wisdom.

Join us in our „Philosophy@Home-Sessions“ and discuss fascining topics from the fields of philosophy, technology, business and culture!

These online sessions consist of 3 modules and take place once a week over a period of 3 weeks. number of participants: 8

Benefit now from a FREE introductory session to the Socratic Dialog Method

Philosophy@Work Topics:


  • Neuroplasticity and the creative mind
  • Harnessing creativity
  • Creativity@work


  • Aristotle and Modern Slavery
  • Stoicism and Peace of Mind
  • Socrates– The Socratic Dialog Method

Business & Technology

  • Ownership, Accountability & Commitment
  • Unconscious Bias in Artificial Intelligence
  • Inclusive Management and why it Matters


  • The Other Pandemic – Loneliness in 2021
  • The Art of Resilience
  • The Psychology of Mindfulness


– English language level B2 and higher

– Openness and joy of discussing!

Costs: EUR 249.00/per module