Employee newsletters

Tired of boring, non-engaging employee newsletters?

Once upon a time, there was a boring little newsletter that no one read…. Sound familiar?

We create compelling employee newsletter strategies that inspire and engage your employees!

Your company’s employee newsletter is your business card toward your employees. It’s no longer a box to check in attempt to keep your staff informed. And to keep them well informed, engaged and inspired, you’re going to have to do a lot more than publish the same old “same old” that nobody reads anyway.

What’s wrong with today’s boring newsletters?

  • There’s not enough variety: People love variety, so make sure that you choose content that is relevant, interesting and engaging, and not just content created “in-house”. Benefit from the fresh perspectives of external sources, articles by experts in their respective field, interviews, talk about your company’s culture, the latest wellness innovations, or let your employees do a little more of the talking.
  • No coherent structure of content: Your content is all over the place
  • No excitement
  • No eye-catching visuals
  • Too stale: no levity or humor

Is your team coming back for more?

Let’s be honest, most newsletters report on latest product developments, trade fairs, new customers, awards and anniversaries… That’s all very nice and yes, it is important – but is it engaging? Is it entertaining enough to keep your staff coming back and wanting more? Not really. Now, remember, this is your internal calling card… So, what is it communicating to the members of your company? If your newsletter is boring, old-fashioned and not very creative, what does that say about your company?

Is your newsletter engaging and creative?

Your employee newsletter should be as creative and innovative as your company is! Show your employees how great your company is and how many wonderful, creative and engaging topics you have in store for them!

What happens when your employee newsletter is creative and engaging?

…the members of your organization become creative and engaged

…they feel well informed, involved and are more aware of opportunities within the company

…they feel more connected and part of a whole, turning employees into authentic contributors and ambassadors

…they understand the company’s narrative and are able to better contribute to shaping it

…by giving employees a voice you humanize communication, foster bonds and improve relationships

Does your company value communication?

If communication is important to your company culture, let us write a feature article for you. Or what about the use of humor and authenticity in presentations? Some excellent coaching methods for colleagues or perhaps how to bring a sense of levity into your meetings? How about a list of  what employees can do to make their workplace more carbon neutral? Practical tips, games, interviews… there are no boundaries to our imagination when it comes to breathing creative life into your internal communication!

We are storytellers, we make your content stick – talk to us!

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