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  • D&I in marketing, recruiting and product development

The interplay of diversity & inclusion
Diversity & inclusion interact with one another quite similarly to yin and yang: They need to co-exist in order to be of real benefit to an organization. While the term diversity is used to refer to the multitude of diverse individuals within an organization, inclusion focuses on creating a work environment in which all individuals, regardless of their individual circumstances, backgrounds and origins are encouraged to participate, feel heard and have a sense of belonging to the organization.

The relevance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace has never been greater, and the most successful D&I initiatives are those that have the support of the whole members of the organization at all levels. On the one hand, Diversity & Inclusion is a management process that defines specific measures to ensure inclusion, fairness and equity in terms of culture, gender, age, ability, neurodiversity, religion, class as well as a plethora of various other subcultures.

So far, so good...

What is special about D&I as opposed to other strategic measures is that in order to be truly successful and truly holistic, D&I strategies must be accepted and lived by all members of the organization and go beyond mere assimilation or differentiation processes. This is where inclusion comes in.

This involves a learning process in which the principles of diversity are truly embraced and an open discussion is facilitated about cultural differences, commonalities and the benefits that each individual contributes to enabling a truely diverse and inclusive environment.

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