About Synnput


Founder of synnput, Tanya Akin, is an American philosopher, D&I expert and linguist. She has lived in the United States as well as in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where she has had the opportunity to "experience" cultural differences first hand. Her cultural sensitivity has always been an important part of her professional and personal life.

After studying philosophy and organizational psychology, she has been assisting her clients as an intercultural trainer, D&I and communication expert for more than 25 years.

Her passions have been philosophy, language, communication and "man as a communicative being" all her life...

People inspire her and she inspires people – that's a pretty good combination!

Passion is also a central element in her life: so she is a successful cultural specialist, copywriter and translator, lecturer in the field of culture and communication. She is an accomplished equestrian, runs a Quarter Horse breeding program in the Netherlands and is tinkering with a number of other projects...

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